Texas Review Press 2017 Book Competitions

Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize for best poetry chapbook
(online submission deadline 6/15); 

manuscripts up to 40 pp.

X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize for best full-length book of poetry
(online submission deadline 7/15); 
manuscripts up to 100 pp.

George Garrett Fiction Prize for best book of stories or short novel
(online submission deadline 9/15); 
Total word count should be between 40,000 and 120,000 words.

Clay Reynolds Novella Prize for best novella
(online submission deadline 10/15); 
Manuscripts should be between 20,000 and 50,000 words in length.

General Guidelines

We accept ONLY Electronic Submissions.

Manuscripts handled as blind submissions at all levels of judging.

A reading fee of $20 must accompany each submission.

Winning manuscripts will be published the year after acceptance.

Winners will receive 20 free copies of their books.

Final ranking by established American writers.

Use the links provided above to submit.

Our Most Recent Competition Winners

George Garrett Fiction Prize:

2016 winner: James Ulmer 
(Magnolia, Arkansas)
for a novel The Fire Doll

(Final Judge—Eric Miles Williamson)

X.J. Kennedy Poetry Prize:

2016 winner: Jeff Hardin
(Columbia, Tennessee)
for No Other Kind of World

(Final Judge—X.J. Kennedy)

Clay Reynolds Novella Prize:

2016 winner: Curt Eriksen
(Brookline, Massachusetts)
for A Place of Timeless Harmony

(Final Judge--Clay Reynolds)

Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize:

2017 winner: Evana Bodiker
(Concord, North Carolina)
for Ephemera

(Final Judge—Robert Phillips)

Texas Review Press Breakthrough Poetry Prize: Texas

rile & heave by Lindsay Illich
(selected by Will Wright)

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